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Ed has a passion for the outdoors, environment and gardens. With his experiences from his childhood and working career, he wants to share with his customers that same love and respect for our environment and gardens. Therefore, he offers products that reflect those same values. He hopes you find the products on his website that reflect your values for the environment and gardening as well. He looks forward to many years of sharing his products with you.

“We are thrilled to feature and showcase products on our website through the best Affiliates for our customers looking to purchase anything and everything from electronics, kitchenware, pet supplies, home decor, health, travel, gardening and sporting goods. With long-term in mind, my goal is to help others find the best products online”, says Owner and CEO, Edgar Douglas. “We are honored to be able to provide our customers the best shopping experience online.”


Words from the Owner & CEO of EdsHomeAndGarden.com, Ed Douglas:

I am a retired senior from Missouri, hoping I can use this website to make a little income to supplement my simple life style. I grew up moving all over the US. My Dad had an itch to travel. I was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He met my mom there while stationed in the Army at Ft. Carson. Dad was born in Athens, Ohio.

We moved a lot going from Colorado to Ohio, and made many detours from the south, the north, and as far west as California with many places in between, including Washington D.C. to the east. We had a garden in many places to help feed my family of nine, mostly simple vegetables: peas, beans, potatoes, beets, peppers and corn. We worked on farms all over. I remember picking cucumbers and gathering pecans in Georgia to make a little money. We walked along the highway picking up pop bottles to sell so we could go to the drive-in movies– just about any odd job you can think of. Dad was a “Jack-of-all trades”. I enjoyed making gardens and working as a farm helper, and yes, I put up a lot of hay.

Well, that’s a bit about me. As I got settled here in Missouri, I went to my last two years of high school, graduated, Got married to a local girl. She was into Gardening and canning are vegetables. We was married for 36 years. She Passed away in 2005, still a single man with 4 kids, 10 grand kids and one great grand daughter. I got into planting a lot of flowers, as well. I just plant what strikes my fancy from the nursery anytime I strolled through one. I plant a lot more than I should. It takes a lot of my extra money and it can get expensive, but that’s what I enjoy.

Please visit my site and I will try to keep you informed of a variety of flowers and things you can grow to eat as well. Hope I didn’t bore you too much. Join me throughout time as I learn more about my website and add new items to my page for you to explore and have some fun.